Becoming a Member

Being a member of AITI offers numerous advantages.

In addition to the many benefits both of belonging to an organization that only accepts qualified professionals and of being represented at a national and international level by the leading Italian professional association in the sector, AITI members enjoy the following advantages:

  • inclusion (with targeted search parameters) of their professional profile in the Members Directory;
  • the possibility, for AITI qualified members, of an AITI certificate recognising the professional nature, qualification and quality of their services, in accordance with Law no. 4 of 14/01/2013 (governing non-regulated professions);
  • free or discounted training courses organized by AITI’s regional divisions and reserved to members;
  • particularly advantageous professional liability insurance and health insurance policies;
  • access to guidance and consultancy services regarding professional issues;
  • discounts on all fee-chargeable initiatives organised or approved by AITI as well as on certain selected publications, services and software products;
  • opportunities to meet, discuss and compare experiences with other members;
  • the chance to participate in online discussion fora regarding terminology, CPD, job opportunities, tax and retirement planning, practice management, IT resources, etc;  and
  • subscription to all AITI’s journals and other publications.

NB: Should you still have any queries after reading the pages in the Admissions section, please address them solely to the Admissions Help Desk.
PLEASE DO NOT contact the Association’s other bodies or the regional divisions.